Our portfolio of services



1. Business Plan

Preparation of business plans for spin-off or start-up companies, taking into account market, positioning, regulatory, development, IP, team and financials.




2. Private Fundraising

Definition of the fundraising strategy. Selection of private investors among a wide personal network and assistance in the fundraising and negotiation.



3. Interim CEO

For those start-up companies with an incomplete team. Serving as CEO and leading the Project until identifying and hiring a full-time CEO.


4. Strategic follow-up and supervision of current projects

For those companies developing a project after a first capital round, continuous supervision and support in the strategic decision making of the company, serving as Board observer if needed.



5. Market Analysis

Preparation of market and competitors analysis using robust databases, knowledge management tools and fieldwork (interviews and focus groups).




6. Regulatory and Development Plan

Preparation of regulatory roadmaps including regulatory strategy and development plans for biopharma, medtech, diagnostic, nutra and cosmetic.




7. Business Development

For companies and research centres. In-licensing and out-licensing activities. Well established BD process built in the last 10 years + wide network of contacts.



8. Strategic Plan

Preparation of strategic plans for research centres and companies, including internal/external diagnostic, vision, strategic objectives and action plan.



9. Technology Transfer

Bridging between academic groups and technology transfer offices or research centres. Definition of the licensing strategy and definition of the terms.



10. Public Funding

Assist start-up companies and research centres in the preparation of the public funding strategy. Preparation of applications, submission and follow-up.

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