GENESIS Biomed is proud to announce the creation of GENESIS Ventures

October 5th, 2017


Press Release


GENESIS Biomed is proud to announce the creation of GENESIS Ventures, an investment vehicle located in Barcelona and built up in partnership with family offices. The new fund is sized in 610.000 € and will invest in recently created Start-ups or entrepreneurial projects with a clear aim to develop innovative products through the creation of a Start-up company in the biomedical and biotechnological field (therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and others). The investment platform is envisaged as a very early-stage tool to help the development of excellent scientific projects to reach key value milestones to attract a first round of investment from venture or corporate funds. 


GENESIS Ventures will fund projects or start-ups with 50.000 to 100.000 € tickets depending on the identified development needs. The investment period of the vehicle will finish in October 2019.


GENESIS Biomed will be the company in charge of the management of the fund. For more information please email to

GENESIS Biomed expands its team and joins Jordi Vallès

June 6th, 2017

GENESIS Biomed announces the incorporation of Jordi Vallès to the team.


We are proud to have joined Jordi Vallès as Project Manager at GENESIS Biomed. Jordi will be the resposible for the supervision of the consultant team and will also collaborate in the projects of support and fundraising that GENESIS Biomed carries out for the startups of the biomedical sector.


We wish him a fantastic time with us!

GENESIS Biomed is founded and establishes its location in the Barcelona Science Park

May 2nd, 2017

GENESIS Biomed was founded today.


Its founder and CEO, Josep Lluís Falcó, explains: "We are proud to have founded this company. Our mission will consist in helping other entrepreneurs and research centers in their entrepreneurial projects. We define ourselves as entrepreneurs that provide consulting services to other entrepreneurs. We will strive to make the most of our extensive experience and networking in the sector. In a mid term, we also plan to invest in seed projects and develop our own projects. "


The company has based its headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park, one of the best biomedical ecosystems in southern Europe.

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